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Martine de Jong was born in Amsterdam. In 2008 she finished her education at the Academy of Fine Art in Amsterdam. She still lives and works in Amsterdam.




July             Project "Force of nature" outdoor group exhibition, Twinkelpark, Delden, Nederland. kunststationdelden

June            Project "Soelaas" online expositie with Set#Net.


October      Project LANDS END, SETNET#Kunsthal 45, with Set#Net, Den Helder, Netherlands.


September   Project "TRANSIT"  at Baggage Hall, Loods 6, with Set#Net, Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Loods6


September  Project "The Force of Healing" changing outdoor group exhibition, Hoorn, Netherlands.

September  Project "The Point Is...", Set#Rust, changing reley group exhibition at display windows, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

July             Project "The Force of Healing", outdoor group exhibition "van Nature" Open Stal, Oldebekoop, Netherlands.

May            Project "Oblige Tree", outdoor group exhibition Open Poorten Dag, Buggenum, Netherlands.


November    Project "New City", Set#Fenix, group exhibition with Installation artists & artists from studio Fenix,

                    Fenix studios, Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Broedplaats Fenix
September   Project "Shared Resource", g
roup exhibition with Sleurkunst, Hoorn citycenter, Netherlands.  sleurkunst
August         Project "Health Grail", Solo exhibition, Driftwood studio, Rainbow Valley, East Londen, South Africa. resartists
May              Exhibition “open studios” group exhibition at Fenix studios, Amsterdam, Netherlands. openateliersoost
January         Project "Physical Reality", Exhibition Fin de Siécle, group exhibition, Villacangel, Valencia, Spain.



October       Project "Regenerate", Exhibition KidE, group exhibition, Oldenzaal city center, Netherlands.
April            Project "
Regenerate", Set#Slatuinen, group exhibition, reacting to nature, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

September   Project "Ashes & Dust", Set#Fort Edam, group exhibition reacting to WW I bunker, Edam, Netherlands.  Fortbijedam
June            "VISIONS", group exhibition in collaboration with KVF artists, Natuurpark Lelystad, Netherlands.
February      Masterclass sculptures with adolecents at ArtZuid, Amsterdam, Netherlands. ArtZuid

October      Exhibition about environmentally friendly art, at city estate de Kemphaan, Almere, Netherlands.
June           Exhibition at sculpture garden de Uitweg, Group exhibition with Sleurkunst, Lopikerkapel, Netherlands. Sleurkunst  Beeldentuin-uitweg
April          Project "Thesis", Set#Bellamy, group exhibition at display windows, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
March        Exhibition "open studios" artists at the plantage quarter, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 
September   Permanent exhibition in the water reservoir at olderly home "De 10 gemeenten" in Purmerend, Netherlands.  Donation of the artist.

August        Exhibition "IMPASSE" Solo exhibition  Glazenhuis, Amstelpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands. hetGlazenhuis
May             P
roject "Shared Resourse", Exhibition Set#West, group exhibition at display windows, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
February     Exhibition “open studios” group photo exhibition in City hall, Amsterdam, Nederland.

October      Project "Adaptation", with Sleurkunst travelling artists, group exhibition, Arnhem, Netherlands. 
October      Project "Glasses Rouen" at “Kunstmoment Diepenheim” group exhibition, Diepenhiem, Netherlands.
September  Project "Adaptation", with Sleurkunst travelling artists, group exhibition, Enschede, Netherlands. 

May-Dec     Project "Trust me i'm already her" at outdoor group exhibition Border><Side, Drenthe, Netherlands. Natuurkunstdrenthe
May-Sep     Project "Pracht in de Gracht" outdoor group exhibition in the water, Zaltbommel, Netherlands.
April           Project "Adaptation" with Sleurkunst travelling artists, group exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Exhibition "open studios" artists at the plantage quarter, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
January       Project "Live Build" Gallery Artillerie, group exhibition, Utrecht, Netherlands. 

October      Project "Mutation" with Sleurkunst travelling artists, group exhibition. Den Haag, Netherlands.
September  Project "Mutation" with Sleurkunst travelling artists, group exhibition, Utrecht, Netherlands. 
September  Project "Mutation" with Sleurkunst travelling artists, group exhibition, Hoorn, Netherlands. 
September  Project "Mutation" with Sleurkunst travelling artists, group exhibition, Alkmaar, Netherlands. 
Jul               Project "Glasses Rouwen" at outdoor group exhibition"OM", Natuurpark Lelystad, Netherlands.
July             Project "Mutation" with Sleurkunst travelling artists, group exhibition, Nijmegen, Netherlands. 
June            Exhibition “Ver-zen-ding” Gallery achttien 88, outdoor group exhibition, Baarland, Netherlands.

June            Exhibition “ZiekteBeeld” Crossfire Project Base Duo exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
June            17th edition “kunstschouw” Westschouwen, group exhibition, Renesse, Netherlands.

October      13th edition “Glasrijk” International group exhibition, Tubbergen, Netherlands .

August        Exhibition “Thinkpath” Gallery Vriend van Bavink, Duo exposition, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
August        Exhibition, at tenant association "de Brug", Amsterdam, Netherlands.

July            “Exam exhibition” group exhibition by students, Amsterdam, Netherlands.  



2016          Project Health Grail, Driftwood studio, Rainbow valley, East Londen, South Africa. georgekockott

2015          Project physical reality, exhibition Fin de Siecle, Villacangel, Valencia, Spain. 

2015          Work period, initialized by Stichting la Jetee, Margalef, Spain. stichting lajetee

2010          Project Border><Side, collaboration with artists and forest rangers, Drenthe, Netherlands. natuurkunstdrenthe


2020          : 

2017          : Various news sites. A.o. RTV Noord-Holland. Sep-Oct. 2017

2017          : Magazine Open Stal 2017 "van Nature"

2014          : Online Magazine of Exhibition VISIONS by KVF

2011          : Magazine Kunst moment Diepenheim
2011          : Artist Video NATURE ART DRENTHE by Patrick Gofre
2011          : Various News sites. A.o. RTV Drenthe en ANP. May 2011
2011          : Catalogue Natuurkunst Drenthe Grens><Land
2011          : Article in Het Kontackt august 2011
2011          : Catalogue Pracht in de Gracht 2011
2011          : Art Video OPEN ATELIERS by Rejab
2011          : Paper Open atelier plantage-weesperbuurt 2011
2010          : Magazine Natuurkunstpark 2010 "OM"
2010          : Video "OM" kunstenaarsvereniging flevoland
2010          : Zaadt magazine #5 cellar issue
2010          : Mini-magazine Buitenwerk Ver-zen-ding 2010
2010          : NCW de Ezel #0 nummer Summer 2010
2010          : PZC Provinciaale Zeeuwse Courant thursday 10th June
2010          : Kunstschouw Magazine 2010
2009          : Catalogue Glasrijk Tubbergen 2009 
2008          : Examcatalogue Academie voor Beeldende Vorming


2011          Creative Being, Amsterdam.


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